Fight The Fire

3rd issue

Our third number is out!

The climate justice movement is picking up the pace. Action is widespread, polarizing, often blunt. It is currently the life force of social movements in the world. Links are being made to the cost of living protests, with a growing component of social justice. Yet, the clock is still running against us.

For the first time in many years, the movement wasn’t sucked into the COP process, but rather set its own agenda – with Scientist Rebellion, Letzte Generation, Debt for Climate, Just Stop Oil, End Fossil Occupy, among others, at a higher and more confrontational stage than feeding the rotten institutional process of global capitalism. That is a victory itself. Governments in the US and the EU increased interest rates to fight inflation, which will transform the cost of living crisis into an austerity crisis.

The system’s elites trust that a new moment of mass mobilisation like the one that started with the Arab Spring will be fought off by the new far-right. The center is counting on reactionary forces to fight off any alternative, and so have decided on unemployment and general bankrupcies to fight the inflation caused by the massive profits of the oil and gas companies.

In this issue, we will delve into the cost of living crisis, we will present the first part of an analysis of the far-right, there will be a first balance of the school occupations for End Fossil Occupy and we will dig deep into advertisment’s role in capitalism. The last articles look into the historical degradation of liberation movements in Southern Africa and the exposure of why COP27 could never have been Africa’s moment.

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